Two Sticker Display Merchandising Hacks Your Shop Can't Live Without

Two Sticker Display Merchandising Hacks Your Shop Can't Live Without

Stickers are some of our very best selling items, but are often hard to display well.  At New Wing Studio we are always looking for ways to support the stores that carry our products, and we have been working hard to find sticker merchandising solutions that are beautiful, affordable, and practical in order to help you sell stickers easily.  Below are two solutions that we don't think your shop can live without!  Continue reading or watch the video below to find out more.

Compact Rotating Display

First, this extremely compact sticker rotating acrylic display.  It’s perfect to encourage impulse buys at the checkout counter while taking up very little space. Only 6 inches wide and 10 inches tall, yet displays 9 different styles of stickers!  You can purchase this rounder from us at our cost (currently $30), or we’ll give it to you for free with the purchase 6 stickers for each of the 9 pockets (a total of 54 stickers).  

If you would rather order the rounder through Amazon, click here.

Individual Sticker Stands

We also have these individual acrylic sticker stands that work beautifully at the checkout counter.  These displays are very low profile but surprisingly sturdy.  They will both highlight your stickers and keep them organized. If you prefer this option, we will give you a free stand for each sticker design you purchase.  

If you would rather order the sticker stands through Amazon, click here.

Free Merchandising Card

We would love to give you a free merchandising card to help your customers understand the high quality and durability of our weatherproof, dishwasher safe, vinyl stickers.  Our stickers are not homemade!

Ordering Stickers from New Wing Studio

If you are interested in selling any of our sticker designs, you can contact me at or simply order online through Faire: Shop Wholesale



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