Urban Worm Bag Eco

New Wing Studio is proud to have designed the new Urban Worm Eco Bag patterns!  We have been composting with their Urban Worm bag for years now and stand behind their product 100%.


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(Two more New Wing Studio patterns coming soon)

Composting is a great way to care for the environment and get free compost for your houseplants and garden!  After years of composting outside and not having time to turn the piles and dealing with the animals the compost pile attracted, I searched for a better option.  This is when I discovered Vermicomposting… composting with worms.  I have an Urban Worm Bag in my mudroom, right off the kitchen, and I easily compost my kitchen waste, junk mail, and scrap paper, turning into amazing compost in half the time it took me before!  Vermicomposting can actually speed up the decomposition process by 2-5 times and produces finer, more homogenous compost compared to traditional composting methods. The Urban Worm Bag is perfect for those with a busy modern life.

If you use our special affiliate link to order anything from the Urban Worm Company, I will send you a free sticker and a 10% off coupon at New Wing Studio.  You won’t pay anything additional when ordering through this link… it’s a win-win for both of us!